Our Story

Peregrine was a dream of Paul and Joanne Deakes. A dream of producing luxury handmade English creamware, a dream that became reality.
Together we stand for
Timeless Quality | Luxury Handmade Ceramics | Design Led | Individually Designed

Handmade and hand-decorated in Stoke-on-Trent, the heart of the potteries.

All our ware is made to order and care goes into each individual piece from the making to your doorstep.


Premium quality, warm to the touch, pure luxury in your hands.

Our beautiful creamware ceramics are classic shapes, taken from the past, and enriched for the future. Using beautiful colour tones this Quintessentially English tableware will compliment any home.

'Its what your home has been waiting for'
Peregrine Creamware

*All products are handmade, so natural variances may occur during the handmade process. We see this as part of the handmade charm.

Paul Deakes - Managing Director

Pottery is in my blood, my Grandfather was a Saggar maker's Bottom Knocker and his photo was up in Hanley Museum. When I left school I walked into Spode Works with a few other young lads and the factory manager pointed to us in turn and said ok you're a caster, your a plate maker and you're a mould maker. I was then trained for 3 years as a china caster. In those days it was easy to move around to different factories, if you wanted a change you could walk up the road to another factory and you would start work there the next day, so I progressed to other pottery companies where I mastered different casting techniques to improve my knowledge of cast ware. It was whilst working for Westfield Arts Pottery producing ware for Bridgewater Pottery that Emma took over the company and I became the first caster employed by Bridgewater Pottery. I later became Casting Supervisor and Clay Manager and remained at Emma Bridgewater for 25 years.

In 2009 I met Joanne who inspired me with her creative flair and made me think outside of the box. So with her support and determination, this is where our story began.

In 2011 I decided to start my own pottery business, having 40 years of pottery manufacturing experience meant this was something I could do with confidence. One thing I promised myself was to use local companies in the Stoke-on-Trent area for my materials to produce handmade, hand-decorated creamware. 

I pride myself on being meticulous in my work. My moulds are kept pristine which helps with the quality of my ware and even previous work colleagues have remarked that my workbench was like a surgeon's table with all of my tools placed just so. A clean workspace equals a clean finish.

Our creamware is not cast up heavy like typical earthenware products. There is a reason our mug handles are cast separately and then stuck to the body of the mug, it gives the mug a more streamlined finish, with no nasty holes which are produced when the mug is cast with the handle attached, it is also easier to clean. Our teapots are produced from 3 moulds, the body the lid and the spout. The reason for this is so that I can produce a rose in the body prior to sticking it on the spout making it a better pourer, if you notice the holes inside the teapot beneath the spout, this is the rose, its a bit like creating a dam and allows the tea to pour gently rather than a sudden whoosh. My aim is to produce tableware that delivers full usability to the customer as well as beautifully designed, handmade English products that stand the test of time.

Ten years after we started our first company Joanne and I  decided to start afresh New Company, New Beginnings with Peregrine Creamware, please follow us on our new journey.

Joanne Richardson Deakes -
Homewares Designer

Born into a creative family I have always had an artistic flair since I was a child I have loved to draw and my Mother and Grandmother gave me my first lessons in sewing, knitting and crocheting. I later turned my hand to photography, a great passion I inherited from my late father, my eye for detail helped me progress earning me 3 Distinctions in City & Guild Photography and later 4 Passes and 6 Merits gaining me an HNC in Photography, my Mother said my Father would have been proud. I met Paul in 2009 and this is where my interest in Pottery started.

In 2011 I discussed with Paul about starting up our own pottery company as I knew with his skills we would be off to a good start. and Paul was interested in me applying my creative skills to produce designs that would adorn our creamware.
We originally had an idea to take on a decorator who could apply the sponge designs as I had not done this before myself, but I love a challenge and wanted to have a go-to see if I could do it and it just came naturally.

I really find it therapeutic, I love what I do, and I really enjoy creating new designs. I have many favourites, but at the moment it is the Mussel & Starfish which brings back memories of those summer beach holidays in Cornwall and it looks very striking in my Kitchen.


Growing up I found myself inspired by Laura Ashley and the romanticised English country styling. My home was full of the beautiful designs she created. My aim is to design collections that give people pleasure in the same way that Laura Ashley did for me. To enhance kitchens be it traditional country-style or contemporary.

Ten years after we started our first company Paul and I decided to start afresh New Company, New Beginnings with Peregrine Creamware, please follow us on our new journey.